Halloween has come and gone with all its (not so) scary costumes and bold makeup/hairstyles/nailarts and even if I really enjoy it now I’m definitely looking forward to my favourite time of the year: Christmas! The festive season is coming and I feel like a child counting down the days to the arrive of Santa. My kind of toys are just a bit different and include sparkling dresses, sophisticated jewels and unforgettable accessories. In fact on Christmas you can exaggerate with beads, sequins, prints and elegance, starting with dresses. In this mood I visited one of my favourite websites, promtimes.co.uk, to dream a bit about shiny parties and glamorous nights. I picked some pieces I really loved, but like always it was really hard to choose just some of them, and I’m pretty sure everyone would find the right dress, considering the huge selection of styles, prices and options. If you visit their website you’ll see clearly what I’m talking about but to introduce you here’s what I liked the most!

Evening dresses


Usually I don’t wear red a lot but on Christmas it becomes a must for me. 

I especially love the beaded top and the unexpected back of this long dress.

I would wear it with nude pumps and my hair up.

ED0314And now something I consider a must all year long: black lace. To me it’s always a timeless, elegant, proper choice.

In this dress I like the contrast given by the blakc/white combo and the seethrough back. 

I would pair it with white pearls and black sandals.

Evening dresses under 50 £


Here’s my “less is more” choice. The weetheart neck, a stunning shade of red and the fabric make this dress impressive without any need of beads, embroideries or sparkles.

I like the shape of the top and the effect given by the soft, light chiffon on the skirt.

I would wear it with a statement necklace and my hair styled in a half updo.

Evening dresses under 100 £


Something short for a change! 

I choose this dress because of its round skirt and the modern version of a classic fabric like my beloved black lace. I also think it is really wearable in many different occasions and that’s why I would wear it over again, not only for parties or formal events. 

I woul pair it with black Mary Janes and a neat sock bun. 

Blue evening dresses 


Blue is my favourite shade for every season.

I really like the ultra feminine shape of the dress and the beaded sleeve contrasting the plain color and fabric. 

I would pair it with silver sandals and jewels. 

Cocktail Dresses


With its sequined top, gold shade and bow belt this is the perfect cocktail dress for Christmas.

I picked it because I like its fancy girliness and the pouf skirt.

I would wear it with cream pumps and tiny ear studs. 

These are my choices and I’m sure you’ll have the same fun I had doing yours. So enjoy! 


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