My autumn palette

Since I was a kid I’ve always been a summer lover but in the last few years fall has really grown on me. I like how hot, sunny days slowly switch into mildly colder ones allowing me to add some stilysh layers to my outfits until I can finally wear my beloved cozy sweaters and scarves. I’m also a fan of hot teas and fallen leaves but what I do love the most about this romantic season are its gorgeous shades. Not only I love watching them in nature I also like to wear them. In my hair, on my nails, eyes and lips and definitely on my clothes, starting with underwear and ending with outerwear. To me fall means burgundy, grey and blush and this year brown as well. 


Except for black (my favourite of all time) burgundy is probably the colour I like to wear the most, not only on fall. You can tell how much I love it just watching at my hair but you can also find it a lot on my eyes (both in eyeshadows and eye-pencils), on my lips (I even like it more than classic red), on my nails and on several pieces in my wardrobe. I like the way it complements not only my complexion and colours (it makes my eyes greener than everything else) but also my personality. There’s a reason why it’s been so trendy for a while now! I consider it a must have, also when it comes to underwear: I especially like it in silky, smooth textures or combined with the timeless elegance of lace (another must to me).


Noreh by Adore Me


Norella by Adore Me


Fallon by Adore Me


Grey is another favorite for me on fall/winter. This shade is really versatile and for this reason it can be styled in many different ways, also depending on the occasion and the mood. Maybe I wear it a bit less than burgundy when it comes to makeup, except for some shiny eyeshadows, but you can see me in grey dresses, jeans, sweaters, tights and scarves almost every day. I also love to wear it on my nails because of its great capability to match every outfit and makeup. What you can’t usually see is how much I like it for my underwear, especially when talking of bras and panties because of its sexy elegance.


Diandra by Adore Me


Carmella by Adore Me


Syden by Adore Me



Talking of underwear my favorite shade for every time of the year and of the day is definitely blush. Nude shades are between my favorites in my make-up too. Together with reds I’m also obsessed by nude lipsticks but, in general, there’s always something neutral in my make-up: if I go for bold lips I like to keep my eyes natural while, on the other side, I love my lips to be really natural when my eyes are intense. You can find a nude shade also on my nails very often, especially when they’re dramatically long, but I think that underwear more than anything else can really emphasizes its romantic beauty with the feminine sophistication of lace or the shiny, luxurious elegance of silk. Blush is a never boring evergreen and an always elegant passe-partout.


Kellie by Adore Me


Paris by Adore Me


Pippy by Adore Me


In my autumn palette there’s also some room for another shade, a new entry of this last fall: I’m talking about brown. Talking of clothes I’d never been a huge fan of it before, except for a couple of items in my winter wardrobe, but I’ve used it daily on my eyes (in natural eyeshadows and eye-pencils) for years now, and lately I’ve found myself thinking very often about brown lipsticks (not only in natural shades but also in more intense ones). I’ve also added some new pieces in this classic, but trendy shade to my closet and I’ll soon buy some new nailpolishes in different shades of brown (and at least one lipstick, for sure). When it comes to underwear I think it can be a beautiful alternative to black, especially because I’ve got tons of black bras and panties but also because it can add some greaceful elegance even to the sexiest piece. 


Alain by Adore Me


Gerda by Adore Me


Aisley by Adore Me

So this is my autumn palette, now I’m curious about yours… What about your favorite shades for fall? If you like my palette and the the underwear items pictured above as much as I do you really should visit the website where I picked them: Adore me. The great offer will allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for and what best suits your tastes, personalities and body types. The range of colors is great as well and it will perfectly match your autumn palette, no matter which shades it is made of. So why don’t you just go and find your perfect match? 



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