Prom Queen

Spring has finally sprung and with the warmer sun and the colorful, scenty flowers it has also come that time of the year to celebrate all the work and efforts made during a long winter. It’s time to leave all the coats, scarves, gloves and oversized sweaters for some pretty puffy skirts, elegant lace, shiny beads and romantic chiffon. It’s time to dare and dream, to dance all night long, to share pictures and unforgettable moments with friends. It’s prom time!

Like I said before in Italy we don’t have anything similar to prom but I’ve always dreamed to take part in one and with the whole Cinderella fever lately it got even worse! I’d love to go shopping for the perfect dress, to try on many different styles, to choose the perfect shoes and purse and to match my outfit with the makeup and hair. I would probably enjoy all this prep part more than the prom itself! Probably because it would be great to linger over gorgeous, formal dresses like the ones I’ve found on one of my favourite sites, I’m sure you’ll find it really useful too with all the options about fabrics, colors, styles, lenghts.

I couldn’t resist so I made a search through their fabulous, dreamy dresses and I found out that I’d probably have some issues choosing just one dress but since I’m not going to any prom I can pick more than one dress with no trouble. Here are my favourites!

Long Dresses (here)


Romantic Look

I really like the shade of pink, the fabric and the delicate, embellished detail. I’d pair this romantic dress with some bold, sparkling shoes. I’d wear a natural makeup and I’d choose something similar to the bun in the pic for my hair.

Spring Shades

Spring Shades

Here’s another colour I really like: yellow! This pastel shade allows you to wear a bold colour without risking too much. Plus if you’re still tanned from the last spring break you’ll look great in this shade. Once again I’d pair this modern, original dress with sparkling shoes. I’d go for nude lips and cat eyes and I’d style my hair in a high braid.

Short Dresses (here)

Black Drama

Black Swan

Lace has always been and always will be my favourite. So here’s what I call a “classic”: black lace. I do love everything about this dress: the shape of the skirt that reminds me of a tutu, the black bow on the waist, the see-through effect on the shoulders, the open back. I think all these elements make it really elegant but wearable at the same time. I’d pair it with nude shoes, smokey eyes and natural lips. A messy, side bun would be my choice for the hairstyle.

Vintage Dress (here)


Haute Couture

Here’s another nude/black combo but this time in a long, vintage dress. The lace details on the see-through sleeves and skirt, the shape and lenght, the nude belt and inserts: everything in this sophisticated dress says haute couture. It’s what I love about it, the elegant, timeless attire combined with modern, young elements. I’d pair this dress, like the one before, with nude shoes, smokey eyes and natural lips. I would wear a beaded headband in the hair to complete the look.

Pink chiffon/black lace combo.. with a twist!

Pink chiffon/black lace combo…                  …with a twist!

Another pink/black combo from the vintage department but this time in a short dress with a modern twist. The embellished black lace on the top and the original shape and lenght of the skirt are my favourite elements in this dress that combines perfectly classic and modern features for a girly, fresh result. I’d pair the dress with beaded or black lace shoes and bubblegum pink lips. A high bun would be perfect to complete the outfit.

Red Dresses (here)


            Queen of Hearts

A beautiful red dress with a surprise on the back. I’d wear it with some daring shoes, probably in gold, big earrings and hair up to show the wonderful see-through lace on the back. An elegant gown with a feminine hint for a modern queen of hearts.. and possibly prom queen!

Blue Dresses (here)


        Goddess of the Seas

This dress really impressed me at first glance. What I like the most is its original top with the blue gems and the whole embroidery. It makes me think of the deep waters of the ocean with its lively world, vivid colors and dancing waves. That’s why I would pair it with a fishtail braid, silver shoes and glittery eyes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the search for the perfect dress as much as the prom itself and I’m pretty sure will be a part of your unforgettable success. Because if there can be only one prom Queen with these wonderful dresses every girl can be a fashion Queen!

Dresses Wonderland!

Lately I’ve been searching a lot for some elegant dresses. It’s that time of the year full of festive parties with co-workers, friends and relatives and I’m more than glad to take the chance to wear fancy, sparkling outfits. 

Just like every month and season lace is still my favourite both for sophisticated and relaxed occasions. I love keeping it classy and classic with black lace but on these days I also like daring with colours and wearing it in other shades, especially red and green of course! Chiffon is also a good choice for me especially in puffy, short skirts and fancy dresses. 

I did many researches in stores, obviously, and even more on the internet and that’s where I found an interesting, useful, pretty site: are so many options, styles, colours and fabrics that you just can’t leave it without finding exactly what you were looking for. And even more. There are so many choices for different occasions and body shapes and the most of the items are highly discounted.

In this huge offer I did a little selection and I’d like to share it with you all.

Let’s start with something classic on this time of the year: red dresses! (here)

Talking of lace...

Talking of lace…


…and of chiffon skirts!

Diamonds are a girl's best friends!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends!

Sexy and festive in a stretch dress

Sexy and festive in a stretch dress

Another favourite: blue! (here)

Embellished top and chiffon skirt

Embellished top and chiffon skirt

A delicate see-through

A delicate see-through

Classic on the front, sexy on the back!

Classic on the front, sexy on the back!

Baby blue, tutu skirt and lace for a modern ballet dancer

Baby blue, tutu skirt and lace for a modern ballet dancer

A classic and, once again, one of my favourites: black! (here)

Let's start with something classy

Let’s start with something classy…

...and continue with something modern!

…and continue with something modern!

Lace top and puffy skirt is always a good idea!

Lace top and puffy skirt is always a good idea!

Keeping it sexy...

Keeping it sexy…

Pink lace inserts and see-through chiffon on the back

Pink lace inserts and see-through chiffon on the back

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to go to the prom… (here)

Short dresses (here):

Bustier top and black/white combo

Bustier top and black/white combo

A romantic look for a modern pricess

A romantic look for a modern pricess

Pink lace and a cute bow

Pink lace and a cute bow

Girly in black lace, sexy in a see-through back


Long dresses (here):

Stunning like a bride

Stunning like a bride

Embroidered flowers and emerald green

Embroidered flowers and emerald green

And now what I would wear on prom

Rock and elegant in black lace and see-through chiffon

Rock and elegant in black lace and see-through chiffon

Romantic and elegant in  pastel lace and a long chiffon skirt

Romantic and elegant in pastel lace and a long chiffon skirt

It was pretty hard to pick just some dresses but I tried to make a choice according to my personal taste and trying to show you different styles. I highly recommed to you all to visit the website for your personal selection.

Every single piece is available in more than 20 colours and they ship worldwide. 








On summer I like bright shades and bold colors not only in my closet but on my nails too. But this kit from Pupa was too pretty and I couldn’t wait more to try it on.
I used the white nailpolish in the kit as a base and paired it with a silver nailpolish and some pretty circolar studs in white, silver and black. Just like usual I played a lot with decorations and did something different on every nail by playing with shapes, colors and finishes.

The result is a playful, elaborate nailart perfect for the beach and for my actual mood!

Kit Pupa Rock Studs in 001
Silver Nailpolish: Lasting Color by Pupa in M220

Durante l’estate mi piacciono le tonalità accese ed i colori brillanti, sui vestiti e sulle mie unghie. Questo Kit di Pupa, però, é talmente bello che ho deciso di fare un’eccezione e dare una chance al tradizionale bianco e nero.
Ho usato lo smalto bianco contenuto nel kit, bellissimo con l’abbronzatura, come base e le borchie rotonde, in grigio, bianco e nero, per decorarlo. Come al solito ho giocato molto con forme e colori per creare un risultato diverso su ogni unghia.

Il risultato finale é una nailart eccentrica, ma portabile, perfetta per l’estate. E per il mio umore al momento!

Kit: Pupa Rock Studs in 001
Smalto argento: Pupa Lasting Color in M220.

Prom Season!

Since the first time I saw one on some tv show I’ve loved proms so much. I feel like there’s something magical in the whole process of searching for the perfect dress, buying a new pair of fabulous shoes, choosing the right jewels and finding the best hairdo, makeup and nailpolish to complete the look. Everything about this event looks so exciting to me and I’m pretty envy about all those girls that right now are planning their own proms.

Sadly in Italy we don’t have such a beautiful tradition but this has never stopped me by dreaming of ball gowns, scented flowers and unforgettable nights. The more prom season gets closer the more I linger on sites who sell dreamy dresses. I spent hours on between shiny beads, embroidered flowers, fluffy chiffon and sophisticated lace. If you’re lucky enough to be searching for your prom dress you should check it out: you can find short or long dresses, different silhouettes for different body shapes, various necklines, many colours and styles. Plus on these days they’re doing a special offer and most dresses are highly discounted.

I think that every prom plan should start with the search for the right dress and I’m sure this site will help you with its many different beautiful choices!

A girl should choose her own dress according to her personal style and her body shape. Every girl knows her body features and qualities and should emphasize what she likes the most about herself. Dresses can hide imperfections pretty good just focusing the attention on somewhere else. So if you prefer your top half instead of your bottom half you should choose a dress with a richly detailed top and a long soft skirt. If  you want a more feminine look and you have an athletic, toned body you should wear a dress that emphasizes curves and defines the waist. Even if I prefer long dresses I suggest you short ones if you have long, beautiful legs. At the same time if you don’t like to show your arms you can find long sleeve dresses. Necklines are very important too: they can frame greatly your decollete, emphasizing it and even making it looks more generous (sweetheart neckline) or just wrapping it softly. In matter of style you can really find everything you need: you can look like a real princess in a huge gown or stick to your rock soul in a black lace dress with a studded belt.

Finding something you like and that fits you is very important to enjoy this experience and feel comfortable and stunning at the same time. There aren’t written rules: you can wear every color, even the boldest one, every lenght and style. What really matters is how you feel and what makes you feel better.

I picked my favourite prom dresses just to dream a little more and to share them with you all. It was really hard to choose only one out of each category because there’s plenty I’d love to wear.

Short Prom Dresses category:

I’m a huge fan of chiffon but what I love the most about this dress is the embroidered top. The see-through effect and the flowers embroidered on it make this top, and the whole dress, girly and fancy at the same time. I also like the beaded belt on it.

Long Prom Dresses:

I know it looks like a wedding dress in this color but I like it so much that I had to show it to you all. I like everything about this dress: the beaded sleeves, the waist, the neckline and the fabric. It looks so light and comfortable but at the same time really elegant.

Cheap Prom Dresses:

Like I said before  I prefer long dresses on occasions like these so here’s another one. I picked it because I love the way it emphasizes the waist. I also like the neckline and the super light fabric. Finally the shape of the skirt is one of my favourite and the pink shade is just gorgeous.

I wish you all to find the perfect dress and to enjoy the search as much as the prom itself!

White Sugar



Finally I had some time to cut my nails and do a fancy sunday mani.
I used another nailpolish from the “Special Effects” collection by Pupa: an optical white with a sandy effect.

I have to say I’m not a huge fan of sandy effect but in this particular shade it looks really great. And, to stick to the sweets topic, it looks like real Sugar on the nails!

Nailpolish: Black & White “Special Effect” nailpolish in 006 by Pupa

Oggi ho finalmente avuto un po’ di tempo per accorciare le unghie e dedicarmi ad una stravagante manicure domenicale.
Ho utilizzato un altro smalto di Pupa, della collezione “Special Effects”: un bianco ottico con un finish sabbiato.

In realtá non sono un’amante dell’effetto granuloso/sabbiato, ma in questa specifica tonalitá trovo sia davvero bellissimo e particolare. In piú é perfettamente in linea con il tema “dolciumi” visto che sulle unghie, una volta asciutto, sembra vero e proprio zucchero bianco!

Smalto: Black & White smalto effetto speciale di Pupa, numero 006.

Sugar Candy



A quick post about a super quick mani.
I used another nailpolish from the Pupa “Special Effects” collection: it’s a pink base with many white tiny paillettes in it.
I really like the spring pastel shade and the elegant final effect. I think it combines perfectly the fancy effect and the delicate colour for an original but really wearable result. It’s perfect if you want to dare a little bit but not to too much and if you’re searching for an original variation of the classic pink nailpolish.

Nailpolish: Sugar Candy by Pupa in 006

Un post veloce su una manicure ancor più veloce.
Per realizzarla ho utilizzato un altro smalto della collezione Pupa “Special Effects”: base rosa chiaro e piccole paillettes bianche all’interno.
Adoro la tonalità pastello primaverile ed il finish elegante e soft. Penso che combini perfettamente l’effetto originale con un colore delicato e descritto per un risultato insolito, ma estremamente portabile. Insomma, é perfetto se volete osare un po’, ma non troppo, e se volete qualcosa di nuovo sul tema del classico smalto rosa.

Smalto: Pupa “Sugar Candy” in 006

Sale e Pepe




Despite the love I had for my ombré nailart I couldn’t resist more and had to try a new nailpolish.

I choose this white nailpolish with little black paillettes in different sizes.
It took two coats (but I’ll probably add another one) for this “Salt & Pepper” effect like my mom called it!

I really like the final result and I’ve to say the opposite version of this nailpolish (black with white paillettes) is beautiful too.

I don’t know how much I’ll resist before I’ll try another one but they all look so good that I’m justified!

Pupa – Black & White in 002

Nonostante amassi particolarmente la nailart ombré non potevo più resistere alla tentazione di provare uno dei miei smalti nuovi.

Oggi ho optato per uno smalto bianco con paillette nere di diverse dimensioni. Ci sono volute due passate (ma probabilmente ne aggiungeró un’altra) per questo effetto 3D “Sale e Pepe” come l’ha definito mia mamma appena l’ha visto.

Mi piace molto il risultato finale e sarei piuttosto curiosa di provare anche l’altra versione, in un certo senso il negativo di questa: smalto nero con paillette bianche.

Non so quanto riusciró a resistere prima di provarne un altro, ma sono tutti talmente belli e stravaganti che sarò comunque giustificata!

Pupa – Black & White in 002

New Things for a New Season

Today I went to Sephora…

Here’s the result!!!

I’m definitely getting into the spring mood or at least my nails are!

Everything by Pupa

Oggi ho fatto una capatina da Sephora… Il risultato potete vederlo nella foto!

Mi sto preparando per la primavera, soprattutto le mie unghie!

Tutto di Pupa.

Some Romance in the Rain

002 (2)


While I’m waiting for this neverending rain to switch into some snow I want to show you what I wore today. 

When I looked outside and discovered that an other long grey and even colder day of rain was waiting for me I decided to wear something cute and romantic. And warm, obvoiusly. My new Calliope sweater was perfect for this purpose with its lace details and the little pearls around the neck. 

I paired it with a black lace shirt, for some contrast, and my skulls and flowers leggings. 

Some unexpected romance that hopefully will make this weather better.. For sure it made my mood better!

Sweater: Calliope

Shirt: Pimkie

Leggings: Tezenis

Boots: Zara Kids

Mentre aspetto che questa pioggia incessante si trasformi in magica neve vi mostro che cosa ho indossato oggi.

Quando ho guardato fuori dalla finestra e scoperto che mi aspettava un’altra lunga, grigia, più fredda che mai, giornata di pioggia ho deciso che avrei indossato qualcosa di carino e romantico. E caldo, inevitabilmente. Il mio nuovo maglione di Calliope era perfetto per questo con i suoi dettagli in pizzo e le piccole perle intorno al collo.

L’ho abbinato con una maglia in pizzo nero, in contrasto, ed i leggings con teschi e fiori.

Un po’ di romanticismo inaspettato che spero migliori il pessimo tempo degli ultimi giorni.. Sicuramente ha migliorato il mio umore!

Maglione: Calliope

Maglia: Pimkie

Leggings: Tezenis

Stivaletti: Zara Kids

Bows and Dots


001 (9)

These last days have all been about waking up, too early, in the worst mood and trying to make things better through many different things. Pretty clothes, good food, new resolutions, sparkling makeup and sales shopping have been my therapy and really helped a lot. 

Today I was also London nostalgic and this is why I decided to wear a top my mom bought for me while we were there. You already know I love dots and this blouse has also a pretty bow that makes it perfect to me! I paired it with a pair of black jeans and a blazer.  And the I went out to do some other shopping damage… Ops!!! 

Blouse: Primark 

Jeans: Zara

Bracelet: Accessorize

Questi ultimi giorni sono stati un susseguirsi di pessimi risvegli, all’alba, e molti tentativi di migliorare le cose con il passare delle ore. Bei vestiti, buon cibo, nuove decisioni, makeup scintillante e shopping scontato sono stati la mia terapia e hanno funzionato abbastanza bene.

Oggi, tra l’altro, avevo anche una grande nostalgia di Londra e così ho deciso di indossare una camicetta che mamma mi ha comprato mentre eravamo nella città del mio cuore. Oltre ai miei amati pois questa camicetta ha anche un fiocchetto al collo che ai miei occhi la rende perfetta. L’ho indossata con jeans neri ed una giacca sportiva. E poi sono andati a fare qualche altro danno da shopping… Ops!

Camicia: Primark

Jeans: Zara

Bracciale: Accessorize