Love is the answer, not a question. 

Hoodie: Tezenis

L’amore è la risposta, mai la domanda.

Felpa: Tezenis

I heart it

Yes, there’s a new Pandora ring on my finger (it’s the one with the pink heart). 

Yes, it’s the fifth in a few months.

And yes, I’m already in love with one from the new collection. 

Call me obsessed now. ‘Cause I am. 

Sí, ho un nuovo anello di Pandora al dito (quello con il cuore rosa).

Sí, é il quinto nel giro di pochi mesi. 

E sí, ne ho già adocchiato uno della nuova collezione. 

Chiamatela pure ossessione. Lo é.  

Mistery Box 

Beautiful, sparkling rings, a new one waiting in the white box and some heart chocolates in the pink box. What more could a girl want? 

Everything in the pic above is from Pandora. The heart chocolates too!  
Bellissimi, scintillanti anelli combinabili, uno nuovo preziosamente custodito in una scatola e cioccolatini a forma di cuore nell’altra. Che altro potrebbe desiderare una donna? 

Anelli (vecchi e nuovi) di Pandora, proprio come i cioccolatini! 


Halloween has come and gone with all its (not so) scary costumes and bold makeup/hairstyles/nailarts and even if I really enjoy it now I’m definitely looking forward to my favourite time of the year: Christmas! The festive season is coming … Continua a leggere




Starting this weekend with a fresh new mani! 

Pink: “Suzi Shops & Island Hops” by OPI

Glitter: “In True Stefani Fashion” by OPI 

Nuova manicure per un nuovo fine settimana!  

Rosa: OPI “Suzi Shops & Island Hops” 

Glitter: OPI “In True Stefani Fashion” 



One of my favourite nailpolish, a super light, sophisticated grey: OPI “Cement the Deal” by the “50 shades of Grey” collection. 

Uno dei miei smalti preferiti, un grigio chiarissimo sofisticato ed elegante: OPI “Cement the Deal” della collezione “50 sfumature di grigio”.  

Glitter & Gold 


“All that glitter and all that gold won’t buy you happy” 

Rings: Tally Weijl 

Nude nailpolish: OPI “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around”

Gold nailpolish: Kiko #859

Anelli: Tally Weijl 

Smalto nude: OPI “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around”

Smalto oro: Kiko n. 859

Unconventional Easter Egg!



Since I’m not allowed to eat any kind of chocolate right now my mum decided to go straight to the surprise inside the egg: a beautiful Pandora bracelet. And charms, of course!

I’d had the classic silver bracelet for a while but I wasn’t really satisfied with it and I wanted to try something different. This Pandora Moments Charm Bangle in silver is beyond perfect with its beautiful, modern shape. Like an improved and better version of the previous one. It’s so pretty that I could wear it alone but the charms obviously make it unique.

I have to admit it: I love it so much that I’ve almost forgotten the whole “no chocolate on Easter” thing!

In questo periodo non posso mangiare nessun tipo di cioccolato, così la mia mamma ha pensato di regalarmi direttamente la sorpresa: un bellissimo bracciale Pandora. Con un paio di charm, ovviamente!

Avevo già il braccialetto d’argento semirigido, ma non mi convinceva del tutto soprattutto da quando aveva perso completamente la forma e per questo volevo provare qualcosa di nuovo che fosse, però, compatibile con i charm che già stavo collezionando. Il bracciale rigido “Pandora Moments” che mi ha regalato mamma é perfetto in questo senso e talmente bello che mi piace anche indossato da solo. Trovo che sia una evoluzione moderna e di stile della versione precedente, pur mantenendo intatta la raffinatezza inconfondibile dei gioielli Pandora.

Devo ammetterlo: questa sorpresa senza uovo mi é piaciuta così tanto da farmi dimenticare addirittura tutta la questione “niente cioccolato a Pasqua”. Ah, il potere di un bel gioiello!

Prom Queen

Spring has finally sprung and with the warmer sun and the colorful, scenty flowers it has also come that time of the year to celebrate all the work and efforts made during a long winter. It’s time to leave all the coats, scarves, gloves and oversized sweaters for some pretty puffy skirts, elegant lace, shiny beads and romantic chiffon. It’s time to dare and dream, to dance all night long, to share pictures and unforgettable moments with friends. It’s prom time!

Like I said before in Italy we don’t have anything similar to prom but I’ve always dreamed to take part in one and with the whole Cinderella fever lately it got even worse! I’d love to go shopping for the perfect dress, to try on many different styles, to choose the perfect shoes and purse and to match my outfit with the makeup and hair. I would probably enjoy all this prep part more than the prom itself! Probably because it would be great to linger over gorgeous, formal dresses like the ones I’ve found on one of my favourite sites, I’m sure you’ll find it really useful too with all the options about fabrics, colors, styles, lenghts.

I couldn’t resist so I made a search through their fabulous, dreamy dresses and I found out that I’d probably have some issues choosing just one dress but since I’m not going to any prom I can pick more than one dress with no trouble. Here are my favourites!

Long Dresses (here)


Romantic Look

I really like the shade of pink, the fabric and the delicate, embellished detail. I’d pair this romantic dress with some bold, sparkling shoes. I’d wear a natural makeup and I’d choose something similar to the bun in the pic for my hair.

Spring Shades

Spring Shades

Here’s another colour I really like: yellow! This pastel shade allows you to wear a bold colour without risking too much. Plus if you’re still tanned from the last spring break you’ll look great in this shade. Once again I’d pair this modern, original dress with sparkling shoes. I’d go for nude lips and cat eyes and I’d style my hair in a high braid.

Short Dresses (here)

Black Drama

Black Swan

Lace has always been and always will be my favourite. So here’s what I call a “classic”: black lace. I do love everything about this dress: the shape of the skirt that reminds me of a tutu, the black bow on the waist, the see-through effect on the shoulders, the open back. I think all these elements make it really elegant but wearable at the same time. I’d pair it with nude shoes, smokey eyes and natural lips. A messy, side bun would be my choice for the hairstyle.

Vintage Dress (here)


Haute Couture

Here’s another nude/black combo but this time in a long, vintage dress. The lace details on the see-through sleeves and skirt, the shape and lenght, the nude belt and inserts: everything in this sophisticated dress says haute couture. It’s what I love about it, the elegant, timeless attire combined with modern, young elements. I’d pair this dress, like the one before, with nude shoes, smokey eyes and natural lips. I would wear a beaded headband in the hair to complete the look.

Pink chiffon/black lace combo.. with a twist!

Pink chiffon/black lace combo…                  …with a twist!

Another pink/black combo from the vintage department but this time in a short dress with a modern twist. The embellished black lace on the top and the original shape and lenght of the skirt are my favourite elements in this dress that combines perfectly classic and modern features for a girly, fresh result. I’d pair the dress with beaded or black lace shoes and bubblegum pink lips. A high bun would be perfect to complete the outfit.

Red Dresses (here)


            Queen of Hearts

A beautiful red dress with a surprise on the back. I’d wear it with some daring shoes, probably in gold, big earrings and hair up to show the wonderful see-through lace on the back. An elegant gown with a feminine hint for a modern queen of hearts.. and possibly prom queen!

Blue Dresses (here)


        Goddess of the Seas

This dress really impressed me at first glance. What I like the most is its original top with the blue gems and the whole embroidery. It makes me think of the deep waters of the ocean with its lively world, vivid colors and dancing waves. That’s why I would pair it with a fishtail braid, silver shoes and glittery eyes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the search for the perfect dress as much as the prom itself and I’m pretty sure will be a part of your unforgettable success. Because if there can be only one prom Queen with these wonderful dresses every girl can be a fashion Queen!