Pretty Little Roses



On this rainy, super cold day I decided to wear some spring. I paired a LBD with my new floral tights in nude. Lately I’ve been obsessed about nude tights and I really like to wear them with black dresses. I don’t like plain nude tights but embroidered ones have quickly become a must have for me. And today I wore them to feel the spring mood even on the most cloudy day.

Tights: Calzedonia

In questa giornata piovosa e freddissima ho deciso di indossare la primavera, nella speranza che tornino le belle giornate calde ed assolate. Ho abbinato un semplice vestito nero ad un paio di calze color carne con roselline. Ultimamente sono ossessionata con le calze in tonalità nude ed in particolare mi piace abbinarle a semplici abiti neri. É strano perché io odio le calze color carne, quelle lisce, ma queste ricamate sono velocemente diventate un must have per me. Ed oggi ho scelto di indossarle per evocare un po’ di spirito primaverile anche durante la giornata più grigia.

Calze: Calzedonia

Casual Chic in the Cold




Here’s what I wore today on a cold, grey day.

The blouse is from Mango and I’m wearing it for the first time today. Its simply elegance makes it really versatile: super chic with classic trousers and high heels or casual with jeans and boots. Today I went for the casual style but I’m pretty sure I’ll try something different pretty soon.

I also added a red cardigan on it and completed the outfit with a chandelier earring in red and purple.

Blouse: Mango
Cardigan: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Earring: Pimkie

Ecco quello che ho indossato oggi, in una giornata grigia e stranamente fredda.

La blusa é di Mango ed oggi la indosso per la prima volta. La sua semplice eleganza la rende estremamente versatile: estremamente chic con un paio di pantaloni dal taglio classico e sandali alti o casual con jeans e stivali. In questo caso io ho scelto lo stile casual, ma sono sicura che non passerá molto prima di provare qualcosa di totalmente diverso.

Ho aggiunto anche un cardigan rosso fragola e completato l’outfit con un orecchino chandelier rosso e viola.

Blusa: Mango
Cardigan: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Orecchino: Pimkie

Prom Season!

Since the first time I saw one on some tv show I’ve loved proms so much. I feel like there’s something magical in the whole process of searching for the perfect dress, buying a new pair of fabulous shoes, choosing the right jewels and finding the best hairdo, makeup and nailpolish to complete the look. Everything about this event looks so exciting to me and I’m pretty envy about all those girls that right now are planning their own proms.

Sadly in Italy we don’t have such a beautiful tradition but this has never stopped me by dreaming of ball gowns, scented flowers and unforgettable nights. The more prom season gets closer the more I linger on sites who sell dreamy dresses. I spent hours on between shiny beads, embroidered flowers, fluffy chiffon and sophisticated lace. If you’re lucky enough to be searching for your prom dress you should check it out: you can find short or long dresses, different silhouettes for different body shapes, various necklines, many colours and styles. Plus on these days they’re doing a special offer and most dresses are highly discounted.

I think that every prom plan should start with the search for the right dress and I’m sure this site will help you with its many different beautiful choices!

A girl should choose her own dress according to her personal style and her body shape. Every girl knows her body features and qualities and should emphasize what she likes the most about herself. Dresses can hide imperfections pretty good just focusing the attention on somewhere else. So if you prefer your top half instead of your bottom half you should choose a dress with a richly detailed top and a long soft skirt. If  you want a more feminine look and you have an athletic, toned body you should wear a dress that emphasizes curves and defines the waist. Even if I prefer long dresses I suggest you short ones if you have long, beautiful legs. At the same time if you don’t like to show your arms you can find long sleeve dresses. Necklines are very important too: they can frame greatly your decollete, emphasizing it and even making it looks more generous (sweetheart neckline) or just wrapping it softly. In matter of style you can really find everything you need: you can look like a real princess in a huge gown or stick to your rock soul in a black lace dress with a studded belt.

Finding something you like and that fits you is very important to enjoy this experience and feel comfortable and stunning at the same time. There aren’t written rules: you can wear every color, even the boldest one, every lenght and style. What really matters is how you feel and what makes you feel better.

I picked my favourite prom dresses just to dream a little more and to share them with you all. It was really hard to choose only one out of each category because there’s plenty I’d love to wear.

Short Prom Dresses category:

I’m a huge fan of chiffon but what I love the most about this dress is the embroidered top. The see-through effect and the flowers embroidered on it make this top, and the whole dress, girly and fancy at the same time. I also like the beaded belt on it.

Long Prom Dresses:

I know it looks like a wedding dress in this color but I like it so much that I had to show it to you all. I like everything about this dress: the beaded sleeves, the waist, the neckline and the fabric. It looks so light and comfortable but at the same time really elegant.

Cheap Prom Dresses:

Like I said before  I prefer long dresses on occasions like these so here’s another one. I picked it because I love the way it emphasizes the waist. I also like the neckline and the super light fabric. Finally the shape of the skirt is one of my favourite and the pink shade is just gorgeous.

I wish you all to find the perfect dress and to enjoy the search as much as the prom itself!




Here I am… again!!! This time to share with you what I wore today. Like I said before I’ve brought with me many spring piece and today I mixed some of them in my outfit.

I wore my new floral pants from Calliope and a top with silk and lace details in a beautiful strawberry red. To finish the look I added a blu cardigan. But the real final touch was the warm, sunny weather!

Top: Intimissimi
Cardigan: H&M
Pants: Calliope

Eccomi qui… di nuovo!!! Stavolta per condividere quello che ho indossato oggi. Come ho giá detto ho portato con me molti capi primaverili ed oggi ne ho indossati alcuni dei miei preferiti.

Ho scelto un paio di pantaloni nuovi di Calliope, a stampa floreale, e li ho abbinati ad un top rosso fragola con dettagli in seta e pizzo. Per completare il look in cardigan blu chiaro, ma il vero tocco finale é stato il tempo mite ed assolato.

Top: Intimissimi
Cardigan: H&M
Pantaloni: Calliope


001 (2)



Here I am on my second day of work!

Cardigan, Jeans and Boots: Zara

Blouse: Pimkie

Eccomi pronta per il secondo giorno di lavoro!

Cardigan, Jeans e Stivali: Zara

Top: Pimkie

Hidden Lace



Once again I wore a “surprising” outfit: something really normal and plain on the front but somehow different on the back.

Today it was a green top with some hidden lace on the back and a cute bow too. I paired it with floral leggings and leather boots. 

A casual outfit with a hint of hidden girliness!

Top: Intimissimi

Leggings: Tezenis

Boots: Zara Kids

Ancora una volta ho indossato un outfit con sorpresa: qualcosa di assolutamente normale sul davanti, ma con un retro diverso ed inaspettato.

Sto parlando di un top verde con pizzo nascosto sul retro, insieme ad un fiocco. L’ho abbinato ad un paio di leggings floreali e stivali di pelle marrone.

Un look casual con un tocco di femminilità nascosta!

Top: Intimissimi

Leggings: Tezenis

Stivali: Zara Kids

Winter Flowers




Once again I thought to mix spring and winter in my outfit. I wore these new harem pants from Calliope with a floral print but in winter colors. To reinforce the idea I added a burgundy top with see-through lace on the back. To finish the look I wore a light pink cardigan and wedge sneakers in caramel. 

A casual look with a romantic touch for a boho-chic mood.

Cardigan: H&M

Top: Pimkie

Pants: Calliope

Shoes: Nike

Rings: Tally Weijl 

Oggi, come ieri, ho pensato di abbinare nel mio outfit elementi primaverili ed invernali. Per ottenere l’effetto ho indossato i miei nuovi pantaloni morbidi con cavallo basso a stampa floreale, ma nei colori dell’inverno. Per ribadire il concetto ho abbinato un top borgogna con retro in pizzo traforato. Per completare il look ho scelto il cardigan rosa chiaro e le sneakers con zeppa nascosta color caramello.

Un look casual con un tocco romantico per un outfit boho-chic.

Cardigan: H&M

Top: Pimkie

Pantaloni: Calliope

Scarpe: Nike

Anelli: Tally Weijl

Pink on Black on Pink!




Since it’s still pretty cold here but lately I’ve bought many pieces from spring collections today I decided to mix everything a little bit.
So I wore my winter brocade trousers with a lace, seethrough top but I paired them with a pink cardigan on the top and a light pink tank underneath it.

To complete the look I choose a pink cameo, this time as a charm on a necklace. In the last couple of days you’ve found out another obsession I have: cameos. The ones I wore on the last two posts are just a little part of a bigger collection. I like them on every kind of jewels: earrings, necklaces, rings, cuffes and brooches too. I love their timeless elegance and I like to wear them in the most classic ways such as in the most unexpected combinations.

Cardigan: H&M (new collection)
Top: Tezenis
Trousers: Zara
Necklace: Pimkie

Siccome qui continua a fare un certo freddo invernale, ma ultimamente ho comprato soltanto vestiti dalle collezioni primaverili oggi ho pensato di combinare un po’ le due cose.
Ho indossato i pantaloni in broccato nero con una maglia di pizzo traforato, ma, per aggiungere un tocco primaverile e romantico l’ho abbinati ad un cardigan rosa ed una canottiera dello stesso colore.

Per completare il look ho scelto un altro cammeo, stavolta rosa e pendente da una collana. Negli ultimi giorni vi ho mostrato un’altra delle mie passioni: i cammei. Quelli che ho indossato negli ultimi due post sono solo una piccola parte di una collezione più vasta che comprende anche orecchini, bracciali e, ovviamente, spille. Adoro la loro eleganza senza tempo e mi piace indossarli nei modi più tradizionali così come negli abbinamenti più inaspettati ed alternativi.

Cardigan: H&M (nuova collezione)
Top: Tezenis
Pantaloni: Zara
Collana: Pimkie

Like a Doll

001 (2)





If I hadn’t done it before I would have called this post “Lucky Sales” because both the dress and the shoes are great offers I found on sale. I bought the shoes first and the dress one month after but since the first moment I’ve had both I thought they would look really good together.
The puffy skirt is perfect with the Mary Jane pumps. I put them on and immediately felt like a doll with my pretty dress and my favourite model of shoes.
To complete the look I add some tights in nude with little roses on them. You all know how much I’m obsessed with embroidered tights and recently I’ve discovered this new combo (nude/black) and I’ve wore it a lot because it’s something new that I really like.
It was cold today so I had to add a ruffled bolero jacket in cream. An other girly touch was given by the cameo ring with a little white flower on it.

Dress: Calliope

Tights: Calzedonia

Pumps: Sisley

Ring: Accessorize

Se non l’avessi già fatto prima avrei intitolato questo post “Lucky Sales” perché sia il vestito che le scarpe che indosso sono grandi affari che ho fatto durante gli ultimi saldi. Ho comprato prima le scarpe e poi il vestito, ma fin dal primo momento in cui ho avuto entrambi ho pensato che insieme sarebbero stati perfetti.
La gonna a palloncino sta benissimo con le scarpe con cinturino sul dorso del piede. Ho indossato tutto ed immediatamente mi sono sentita una bambola con il mio vestitino ed il mio modello preferito di scarpe.
Per completare il look ho aggiunto un paio di calze color carne con roselline ricamate. É risaputo quanto io adori le calze ricamate ed ultimamente le ho scoperte in questa nuova combinazione (nude/nero) che mi piace moltissimo.
Siccome faceva freddo ho dovuto aggiungere un coprispalle con balze in una tonalità leggermente più scura delle calze. Ho aggiunto un ulteriore tocco femminile con un anello cammeo, con un fiore bianco su fondo nero e montatura dorata.

Abito: Calliope

Calze: Calzedonia

Scarpe: Sisley

Anello: Accessorize

Lace on Brocade



Here’s a detail of what I wore today: a burgundy silk top with a lace back on black brocade trousers.
A winter outfit for a saturday full of duties but with some pleasant surprises.

Top: Pimkie
Trousers: Zara

Ecco cosa ho indossato oggi: una blusa color borgogna con retro di pizzo sui pantaloni nero di broccato.
Un outfit invernale per un sabato tra impegni ed inaspettate distrazioni.

Blusa: Pimkie
Pantaloni: Zara