When it comes to fashion I like to play with my style, to mix and match and to try new things. I also love to pick my daily outfits according to the mood and since it varies a lot so does my style! For all these reasons I can go from the most comfortable, casual outfits to the classiest ones but there’s one thing that never change and has stayed exactly the same for years now: my love for lace tights. No matter how many of them I already own, there will always be space for another pair! 

Tights: Calzedonia 
Nella moda, come nella vita, sono molte le cose che mi incuriosiscono ed appassionano e quando si tratta di vestiti ed accessori non mi tiro mai indietro se si tratta di sperimentare e mischiare le carte in tavola. Spesso scelgo i miei outfit in base all’umore del giorno e siccome questo varia molto, e velocemente, lo stesso fanno i miei look. Per tutte queste ragioni mi piace passare dagli outfit più sportivi e comodi a quelli più sofisticati, a volte nel giro di poche ore. La moda é in divenire ed insieme ad essa il mio stile, ma in mezzo a tanta trasformazione c’è comunque spazio per alcuni punti fermi. Tra questi, le calze ricamate. Non importa che nel mio cassetto delle calze non ci sia più posto, ci sarà sempre spazio per un nuovo paio di calze!

Calze: Calzedonia


New things, old favs

Making the best of the mild weather we’ve had lately in sheer tights and new dresses. And hopefully smiles! 

Dress: Calliope 

Freddo mite e giornate assolate significano calze velate e vestiti nuovi. E sorrisi, se tutta va bene! 

Vestito: Calliope 

Twirlin’ around 


I tried to make the best of the gloomy days we’ve had lately, wearing tights for a bit longer than I expected. These one are my spring version of the classic brocade I love so much, in a sexy chiffon version more suitable for warmer seasons. I paired them with a skater dress and a leather jacket for a girly outfit with an edgy hint. 

Tights: Calzedonia 

Dress: Terranova

Il tempo uggioso degli ultimi giorni mi ha dato l’opportunità di indossare più a lungo outfit non proprio primaverili e, soprattutto, le calze. Quelle nelle foto sono la mia versione primaverile del broccato, soltanto in una versione più leggera, di chiffon, e con qualche fiorellino. Io le ho abbinate ad un abito skater nero ed una giacca di pelle borchiata, per un look femminile con un tocco rock. 

Abito: Terranova 

Calze: Calzedonia 

Birthday girl! 


After the look of the day here’s the look of the night on my birthday! 

Dress: H&M 

Dopo il look del giorno ecco il look della sera del mio compleanno! 

Vestito: H&M  

Prom Queen

Spring has finally sprung and with the warmer sun and the colorful, scenty flowers it has also come that time of the year to celebrate all the work and efforts made during a long winter. It’s time to leave all the coats, scarves, gloves and oversized sweaters for some pretty puffy skirts, elegant lace, shiny beads and romantic chiffon. It’s time to dare and dream, to dance all night long, to share pictures and unforgettable moments with friends. It’s prom time!

Like I said before in Italy we don’t have anything similar to prom but I’ve always dreamed to take part in one and with the whole Cinderella fever lately it got even worse! I’d love to go shopping for the perfect dress, to try on many different styles, to choose the perfect shoes and purse and to match my outfit with the makeup and hair. I would probably enjoy all this prep part more than the prom itself! Probably because it would be great to linger over gorgeous, formal dresses like the ones I’ve found on one of my favourite sites, www.promtimes.co.uk. I’m sure you’ll find it really useful too with all the options about fabrics, colors, styles, lenghts.

I couldn’t resist so I made a search through their fabulous, dreamy dresses and I found out that I’d probably have some issues choosing just one dress but since I’m not going to any prom I can pick more than one dress with no trouble. Here are my favourites!

Long Dresses (here)


Romantic Look

I really like the shade of pink, the fabric and the delicate, embellished detail. I’d pair this romantic dress with some bold, sparkling shoes. I’d wear a natural makeup and I’d choose something similar to the bun in the pic for my hair.

Spring Shades

Spring Shades

Here’s another colour I really like: yellow! This pastel shade allows you to wear a bold colour without risking too much. Plus if you’re still tanned from the last spring break you’ll look great in this shade. Once again I’d pair this modern, original dress with sparkling shoes. I’d go for nude lips and cat eyes and I’d style my hair in a high braid.

Short Dresses (here)

Black Drama

Black Swan

Lace has always been and always will be my favourite. So here’s what I call a “classic”: black lace. I do love everything about this dress: the shape of the skirt that reminds me of a tutu, the black bow on the waist, the see-through effect on the shoulders, the open back. I think all these elements make it really elegant but wearable at the same time. I’d pair it with nude shoes, smokey eyes and natural lips. A messy, side bun would be my choice for the hairstyle.

Vintage Dress (here)


Haute Couture

Here’s another nude/black combo but this time in a long, vintage dress. The lace details on the see-through sleeves and skirt, the shape and lenght, the nude belt and inserts: everything in this sophisticated dress says haute couture. It’s what I love about it, the elegant, timeless attire combined with modern, young elements. I’d pair this dress, like the one before, with nude shoes, smokey eyes and natural lips. I would wear a beaded headband in the hair to complete the look.

Pink chiffon/black lace combo.. with a twist!

Pink chiffon/black lace combo…                  …with a twist!

Another pink/black combo from the vintage department but this time in a short dress with a modern twist. The embellished black lace on the top and the original shape and lenght of the skirt are my favourite elements in this dress that combines perfectly classic and modern features for a girly, fresh result. I’d pair the dress with beaded or black lace shoes and bubblegum pink lips. A high bun would be perfect to complete the outfit.

Red Dresses (here)


            Queen of Hearts

A beautiful red dress with a surprise on the back. I’d wear it with some daring shoes, probably in gold, big earrings and hair up to show the wonderful see-through lace on the back. An elegant gown with a feminine hint for a modern queen of hearts.. and possibly prom queen!

Blue Dresses (here)


        Goddess of the Seas

This dress really impressed me at first glance. What I like the most is its original top with the blue gems and the whole embroidery. It makes me think of the deep waters of the ocean with its lively world, vivid colors and dancing waves. That’s why I would pair it with a fishtail braid, silver shoes and glittery eyes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the search for the perfect dress as much as the prom itself and I’m pretty sure www.promtimes.co.uk will be a part of your unforgettable success. Because if there can be only one prom Queen with these wonderful dresses every girl can be a fashion Queen!





Here’s one of my favourite looks from the last days.
I wore a bikini in brown and cream crochet with some golden hints and paired it with a sleeveless minidress in light brown. I completed the look with some animalier flip flops.
An unusual safari look to face the jungle-beach!

Bikini: Tezenis
Dress: Intimissimi

Ecco uno dei miei look preferiti degli ultimi giorni.
Ho indossato un bikini marrone con crochet color crema e dettagli dorati e l’ho abbinato ad un miniabito a fascia in una tonalità di marrone più chiara. Ho completato il look con un paio di infradito con dettagli animalier.
Un insolito look safari per affrontare la giungla della spiaggia!

Bikini: Tezenis
Abito: Intimissimi

Beach ‘n’ Roll!


Black lace at the beach???
Yes, please!

Dress: Tezenis

Days like these…


On these last days I’ve been living in my favourite bikinis and fancy dresses like this one I wore today.
It’s a black dress with neon pink roses printed on it. I bought it just before I left and I had never worn it before. It’s really cute and girly, perfect for the beach or to go out.
I paired it with a black bikini and a simple pair of flip flops in the same pink and I was ready for another stylish day at the beach!

Dress: Terranova

In questi ultimi giorni non ho indossato altro che bikini e vestitini colorati, come questo che ho scelto oggi.
É un abito nero con roselline rosa fluo stampate. L’ho comprato appena prima di partire e non l’avevo mai indossato prima. É molto carino e femminile, perfetto per andare al mare o per uscire.
Io l’ho abbinato ad un costume nero e viola e ad un semplice paio di infradito nella stessa tonalità di rosa dei fiori. Occhiali da sole, asciugamano e borsa di paglia ed ero pronta per affrontare un’altra giornata in spiaggia… Con stile!

Vestito: Terranova

To the beach!

Finally today I was able to go to the beach and enjoy some sun and crystal clear water before it started raining. I wore a new bikini with a bandeau top and my new dress from H&M. I bought this … Continua a leggere