Halloween has come and gone with all its (not so) scary costumes and bold makeup/hairstyles/nailarts and even if I really enjoy it now I’m definitely looking forward to my favourite time of the year: Christmas! The festive season is coming … Continua a leggere

Merry Christmas!



My festive mani and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

This last days have been all about gifts that don’t come under three so I’m already pretty satisfied with my presents this year! But I still love you, dear Santa!

Once again, have a wonderful Christmas’ eve and even a better tomorrow!!!

P.S. Both nailpolishes are from Pupa, the red one was in a beautiful kit as a Christmas present I opened early!

Le mie unghie addobbate a festa ed io vi auguriamo uno splendido Natale!

Questi ultimi giorni mi hanno portato regali inaspettati che non si trovano sotto l’albero, ma il mio amore per Babbo Natale resta sempre lo stesso, ovvio!

Di nuovo, tantissimi auguri a tutti voi, per oggi e domani!

P.S. Entrambi gli smalti sono di Pupa, quello rosso era un un kit natalizio che ho ricevuto per regalo ed aperto subito!

Dresses Wonderland!

Lately I’ve been searching a lot for some elegant dresses. It’s that time of the year full of festive parties with co-workers, friends and relatives and I’m more than glad to take the chance to wear fancy, sparkling outfits. 

Just like every month and season lace is still my favourite both for sophisticated and relaxed occasions. I love keeping it classy and classic with black lace but on these days I also like daring with colours and wearing it in other shades, especially red and green of course! Chiffon is also a good choice for me especially in puffy, short skirts and fancy dresses. 

I did many researches in stores, obviously, and even more on the internet and that’s where I found an interesting, useful, pretty site: http://www.promtimes.co.uk.There are so many options, styles, colours and fabrics that you just can’t leave it without finding exactly what you were looking for. And even more. There are so many choices for different occasions and body shapes and the most of the items are highly discounted.

In this huge offer I did a little selection and I’d like to share it with you all.

Let’s start with something classic on this time of the year: red dresses! (here)

Talking of lace...

Talking of lace…


…and of chiffon skirts!

Diamonds are a girl's best friends!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends!

Sexy and festive in a stretch dress

Sexy and festive in a stretch dress

Another favourite: blue! (here)

Embellished top and chiffon skirt

Embellished top and chiffon skirt

A delicate see-through

A delicate see-through

Classic on the front, sexy on the back!

Classic on the front, sexy on the back!

Baby blue, tutu skirt and lace for a modern ballet dancer

Baby blue, tutu skirt and lace for a modern ballet dancer

A classic and, once again, one of my favourites: black! (here)

Let's start with something classy

Let’s start with something classy…

...and continue with something modern!

…and continue with something modern!

Lace top and puffy skirt is always a good idea!

Lace top and puffy skirt is always a good idea!

Keeping it sexy...

Keeping it sexy…

Pink lace inserts and see-through chiffon on the back

Pink lace inserts and see-through chiffon on the back

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to go to the prom… (here)

Short dresses (here):

Bustier top and black/white combo

Bustier top and black/white combo

A romantic look for a modern pricess

A romantic look for a modern pricess

Pink lace and a cute bow

Pink lace and a cute bow

Girly in black lace, sexy in a see-through back


Long dresses (here):

Stunning like a bride

Stunning like a bride

Embroidered flowers and emerald green

Embroidered flowers and emerald green

And now what I would wear on prom

Rock and elegant in black lace and see-through chiffon

Rock and elegant in black lace and see-through chiffon

Romantic and elegant in  pastel lace and a long chiffon skirt

Romantic and elegant in pastel lace and a long chiffon skirt

It was pretty hard to pick just some dresses but I tried to make a choice according to my personal taste and trying to show you different styles. I highly recommed to you all to visit the website for your personal selection.

Every single piece is available in more than 20 colours and they ship worldwide. 


It’s beginning to look…





…a lot like Christmas!!!
At least on my festive nails!

Green Nailpolish: “AmazON…AmazOFF” by OPI
Silver Paillettes: “I Snow You Love Me” by OPI

Comincia a sentirsi l’aria natalizia… Sulle mie unghie almeno!!!

Smalto verde: OPI “AmazON…AmazOFF”
Glitter argentati: OPI “I Snow You Love Me”

World Cup Fever!




These last days have been crazy and that’s why I haven’t been posting in a while but since I’m a huge fan of football and I really love Brazil I’m back with a nailart post about the FIFA World Cup.

To be honest I feel a bit guilty about this mani because the italian team is the only one I do love and support but I really wanted to do a nailart with the colors of the brazilian flag. I think they’re perfect for a summer nailart and look even better with some sparkles on them. I used the traditional yellow/green/blue combo and added a sparkling touch to make it even more festive.

With all those Brazil collections everywhere I really couldn’t resist the temptation to do a nailart inspired to such a beautiful, charming country.. No matter where my italian heart stays.

All nailpolishes are by Pupa.
Yellow: Lasting Color Matt in 001
Gold Glitters: Lasting Color in 830
Blue: Lasting Color in 759
Blue Glitters: Mosaic in 005
Green: Lasting Color Gel in 080
Green Glitters: Mosaic in 006

Gli ultimi giorni sono stati folli, tanto che, mio malgrado, non sono riuscita neanche a scrivere sul blog. Il fine settimana mi ha dato tempo e modo di rimediare e, siccome adoro il calcio ed il Brasile (la terra, non la squadra) ho pensato di fare una nailart ispirata alla Coppa del Mondo 2014.

Da tifosa italiana mi sento un po’ in colpa per questa nailart verdeoro perché l’unica nazionale del mio cuore é indubbiamente quella azzurra, ma volevo davvero fare una nailart con i colori della bandiera brasiliana perché trovo che siano bellissimi e perfetti per l’estate, ancor di piú con qualche brillantino ad illuminarli. Ho usato la combinazione tradizionale di giallo/verde/blu ed aggiunto alcune paillette di diverse forme e colori per rendere il tutto ancora più brillante e festoso.

Con tutte le collezioni dedicate al Brasile negli ultimi mesi non potevo davvero resistere alla tentazione di realizzare una nailart ispirata a questa meravigliosa terra incantatrice, a prescindere dai colori del mio cuore.

Tutti gli smalti sono di Pupa.
Giallo: Lasting Color Matt in 001
Glitter dorati: Lasting Color in 830
Verde: Lasting Color Gel in 080
Glitter verdi: Mosaic in 006
Blu: Lasting Color in 759
Glitter blu: Mosaic in 005

I Love Winter Tag

The lovely Abinaya from Sheer and Sparkles tagged me a couple of days ago.. thanks sweetie, I love doing this tags and I love your blog too!

Let’s start!

1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?

It’s hard to choose only one but since I have to I say burgundy!

2) Favorite Winter lip product?

I really have no choice, lipbalms, every kind. My lips really suffer a lot on winter!

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?

Scarves, no doubts.

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?

Vanilla is always my favourite.

6) Favorite Winter beverage?

Definitely tea, my favourite is English Breakfast from Starbucks.

7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?

All of them. I’ve been watching so many these last days!

8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?

Let it snow.

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?

Candy canes.

10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?


11) What’s at the top of your Christmas list?


12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?

Just staying with the people I love the most.

Thanks for reading my answers!

Now, my tags:






Waiting for Santa…


A tiny post to wish you all a joyful, lovely, stylish, fashionable, sparkling Christmas!!!
Enjoy it and take a chance to exaggerate with lace, bows, red, gold and, of course, sparkles! ‘Cause you have to be stylish while waiting for Santa! ;))

Un piccolissimo post per augurare a tutti voi un Natale felice, stiloso, scintillante e pieno d’amore!!!
Godetevi le feste ed approfittatene per esagerare con pizzi, fiocchi, rosso, oro e, ovviamente, brillantini! Per aspettare Babbo Natale con stile! ;))

Still Shining!




I love this time of the year for so many reasons: the incredibile atmosphere, the magic of the Christmas lights, the chance to stay with friends and relatives, the Christmas trees decorations, the nights spent playing cards and eating panettone.. And the sparkles. Someone like them on clothes, others prefer them to be on home deco pieces, some others put them in every festive makeup. I do love them to enlight my nailarts. That’s why I did an other sparkling nailart yesterday and I’m not ashamed to confess I still can’t have enough of glitter.
This time I choose two nailpolishes from Pupa Princess Collection, a wonderful holidays collection characterized by soft nude shades and tons of various glitters.
I used a mauve pink for the base and golden glitters on it for a gradient sparkling effect. It was pretty quick and definitely easier than I expected. The mauve make this nailart really sophisticated for a sparkling princess look!

Mauve Nailpolish: Pupa Princess in 634.
Gold Glitters Nailpolish: Pupa Princess in 830.

Adoro questo periodo dell’anno per tante diverse ragioni: l’atmosfera incredibile, la magia delle luci, l’opportunità di riunirsi con amici e parenti, le decorazioni dell’albero, le notti passate giocando a carte e mangiando panettone… E i glitter. Alcuni amano averli sui vestiti, altri li preferiscono nelle decorazioni, altre ancora li sfoggiano in ogni makeup natalizio. A me piace utilizzarli per accendere ogni nailart durante le feste. Ed é per questo che ieri ho scelto di realizzare l’ennesima nailart scintillante.
Questa volta ho scelto di usare due smalti di Pupa, della collezione Princess, una stupenda collezione ideata per le feste e caratterizzata da tonalitá nude e moltissimi diversi brillantini.
Ho utilizzato un rosa malva come base, con sopra dei glitter dorati per un effetto gradient brillante. É stata veloce da realizzare e molto più semplice di quanto possa sembrare. Inoltre il malva, bello già dopo la prima passata, dá alla nailart un tocco sofisticato, per un look da principessa sfavillante!

Smalto malva: Pupa Princess in 634
Smalto con glitter dorati: Pupa Princess in 830

Christmas makeup





This is one of my favourite looks for every season, weather and occasion but I think it becomes even better on Christmas time.
To get it I used bronze pigments, green eyeshadow (and kajal) and a thin line of black eyeliner. Lots of black mascara on the lashes and a natural gloss on the lips to complete the look.
A pretty easy and quick makeup for a sparkling festive look!

Pigments: Essence in 02 “Smell the Caramel”
Eyeshadow: Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 213
Eye Pencil: Kiko Smoky Eye Pencil in 02
Eyeliner: Kiko Ultimate Pen long wear eyeliner
Mascara: Pupa Vamp in 100

Quello di cui vi parlo oggi é uno dei miei look preferiti per ogni stagione, clima ed occasione, ma trovo che nel periodo natalizio diventi ancora più significativo ed appropriato.
Per ottenerlo ho usato dei pigmenti color bronzo sulla palpebra mobile insieme ad una sottile linea di eyeliner nero mentre per la rima inferiore matita ed ombretto verde scuro, sia all’interno che all’esterno. Per completare il makeup tanto mascara volumizzante nero ed un gloss naturale sulle labbra.
Un makeup piuttosto veloce e facile per un look scintillante e festivo!

Pigments: Essence in 02 “Smell the Caramel”
Eyeshadow: Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 213
Eye Pencil: Kiko Smoky Eye Pencil in 02
Eyeliner: Kiko Ultimate Pen long wear eyeliner
Mascara: Pupa Vamp in 100