Fall Makeup

It’s been a stormy week and out of a sudden summer was over and fall was in full force. I was a bit upset in the beginning but in the last couple of days I’ve started to enjoy it. I bought a beautiful jumper, a new pair of studded boots and finally I celebrated it with some burgundy shades in my make up. 

It took some time and patience but in the end it was a good way to spend a part of my lazy Sunday. 

Every product is by Kiko.

Bronzer: Bronzer Powder in 102

Primer: Eye Base 

Eyeshadow Palette: Color Fever in 101
Eyeliner: Lasting Gel

Lipgloss: Urban Sheen in 04

Lipgloss: 3D Instant Volume 
Una settimana inaspettatamente  burrascosa ha messo fine ad un’estate che avrei preferito si prolungasse ancora un po’. All’inizio non l’ho presa troppo bene, ma negli ultimi giorni ho iniziato a riappacificarmi con l’autunno. È stato allora che ho iniziato a godermelo. Ho comprato un bel maglione, forse più di uno, un altro paio di stivali borchiati e sono tornata alle mie adorate tonalità borgogna nel make up. 

Ci sono voluti tempo e pazienza per realizzarlo, ma alla fine non mi é dispiaciuto trascorrere un po’ della mia domenica piovosa tra pennelli e sfumature. 

Tutti i prodotti che ho utilizzato sono di Kiko. 

Terra: Bronzer Powder n. 102

Primer occhi: Eye Base

Eyeliner: Lasting Gel

Matita Lucidalabbra: Urban Sheer n. 04

Lucidalabbra: 3D Instant Volume 


A lovely combo

I’ve been waiting for this collection since the first time I saw a preview of it during winter. It combines two of my favourite things: OPI nailpolishes and dreamy Brazil. It was a long waiting and when it finally arrived … Continua a leggere

Audrey Style!



Finally it’s Saturday! This means I’ve got some time to write on the blog and show you what I wore/did on another busy week. In particular I want to share with you my makeup and style from yesterday.
I went for a retro glam look with an Audrey Hepburn inspired makeup and a bon ton bun.
On the eyes I used a black eyeliner to contrast the natural matte eyeshadow and plenty of mascara to complete the look and make the eyes look bigger.
On the lips I used a lip pencil and a lip balm in cherry pink to keep my lips hydrated and soft.
Finally I styles my rebel hair in an elegant but really wearable bun and I was ready to face the last day of a long week!

Eyeliner: Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner
Mascara: Pupa Vamp in 001
Lip Pencil: Kiko Ultra Glossy Lip Pencil in 612
Lip Balm: Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

Finalmente sabato! Finalmente un po’ di tempo per fermarmi, dedicarmi a me e, soprattutto, aggiornare il blog con quello che ho indossato/fatto durante la settimana. Oggi, in particolare, vorrei condividere con voi il look di ieri.
Ho scelto uno stile retro glam, con un makeup ispirato ad Audrey Hepburn ed i capelli raccolti in uno chignon piuttosto classico.
Per gli occhi ho usato un eyeliner, pennarello, nero in contrasto con l’ombretto opaco naturale e moltissimo mascara sulle ciglia per allargare lo sguardo, ingrandendo gli occhi.
Sulle labbra ho scelto di abbinare una matita fucsia con un velo di burrocacao colorato, per mantenere le labbra morbide ed idratate senza rinunciare al colore.
Ho completato il look raccogliendo i miei capelli indisciplinati in un elegante, ma assolutamente portabile, chignon.
Un pizzico di meraviglia dal passato per affrontare l’ultimo giorno di un’altra settimana caotica!

Eyeliner: Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner
Mascara: Pupa Vamp in 001
Lip Pencil: Kiko Ultra Glossy Lip Pencil in 612
Lip Balm: Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

Prom Season!

Since the first time I saw one on some tv show I’ve loved proms so much. I feel like there’s something magical in the whole process of searching for the perfect dress, buying a new pair of fabulous shoes, choosing the right jewels and finding the best hairdo, makeup and nailpolish to complete the look. Everything about this event looks so exciting to me and I’m pretty envy about all those girls that right now are planning their own proms.

Sadly in Italy we don’t have such a beautiful tradition but this has never stopped me by dreaming of ball gowns, scented flowers and unforgettable nights. The more prom season gets closer the more I linger on sites who sell dreamy dresses. I spent hours on http://www.victoriasdress.co.uk/ between shiny beads, embroidered flowers, fluffy chiffon and sophisticated lace. If you’re lucky enough to be searching for your prom dress you should check it out: you can find short or long dresses, different silhouettes for different body shapes, various necklines, many colours and styles. Plus on these days they’re doing a special offer and most dresses are highly discounted.

I think that every prom plan should start with the search for the right dress and I’m sure this site will help you with its many different beautiful choices!

A girl should choose her own dress according to her personal style and her body shape. Every girl knows her body features and qualities and should emphasize what she likes the most about herself. Dresses can hide imperfections pretty good just focusing the attention on somewhere else. So if you prefer your top half instead of your bottom half you should choose a dress with a richly detailed top and a long soft skirt. If  you want a more feminine look and you have an athletic, toned body you should wear a dress that emphasizes curves and defines the waist. Even if I prefer long dresses I suggest you short ones if you have long, beautiful legs. At the same time if you don’t like to show your arms you can find long sleeve dresses. Necklines are very important too: they can frame greatly your decollete, emphasizing it and even making it looks more generous (sweetheart neckline) or just wrapping it softly. In matter of style you can really find everything you need: you can look like a real princess in a huge gown or stick to your rock soul in a black lace dress with a studded belt.

Finding something you like and that fits you is very important to enjoy this experience and feel comfortable and stunning at the same time. There aren’t written rules: you can wear every color, even the boldest one, every lenght and style. What really matters is how you feel and what makes you feel better.

I picked my favourite prom dresses just to dream a little more and to share them with you all. It was really hard to choose only one out of each category because there’s plenty I’d love to wear.

Short Prom Dresses category:

I’m a huge fan of chiffon but what I love the most about this dress is the embroidered top. The see-through effect and the flowers embroidered on it make this top, and the whole dress, girly and fancy at the same time. I also like the beaded belt on it.

Long Prom Dresses:

I know it looks like a wedding dress in this color but I like it so much that I had to show it to you all. I like everything about this dress: the beaded sleeves, the waist, the neckline and the fabric. It looks so light and comfortable but at the same time really elegant.

Cheap Prom Dresses:

Like I said before  I prefer long dresses on occasions like these so here’s another one. I picked it because I love the way it emphasizes the waist. I also like the neckline and the super light fabric. Finally the shape of the skirt is one of my favourite and the pink shade is just gorgeous.

I wish you all to find the perfect dress and to enjoy the search as much as the prom itself!

Breaking the Rules



Usually I don’t wear black and blue together even if they’re my favourite colours. Just not together! The only exception to this old rule of mine occurs when I wear the leggings in the pics. I know it’s a weird combo for an animalier print but it caught my attention when I first saw it and I felt in love. 

This piece can be styled in so many different ways and outfits and that’s one of the reasons why I love it and wear it very often. Today I wore it with a black bluse with a lace back, a blazer and my biker boots, for an elegantly rock look. 

Blazer and bluse: Pimkie

Leggings: Calzedonia

Boots: Zara Kids

Di solito non indosso blu e nero insieme, nonostante siano due colori che amo. Separati! L’unica eccezione a questa mia regola è rappresentata dai leggings che indosso nelle foto. É una strana combinazione per una stampa animalier, lo so, ma mi ha convinto appena l’ho vista.

Questo capo si presta a molti diversi stili ed outfit, motivo per cui lo amo particolarmente e lo indosso spesso. Oggi l’ho abbinato ad una blusa con retro in pizzo, un blazer di cotone e stivaletti da motociclista, per un look elegantemente rock.

Blazer e Blusa: Pimkie

Leggings: Calzedonia

Scarpe: Zara Kids

Let it Snow!





I love snow so much but I haven’t seen it in a while so I decided to put some in my New Year’s Eve nailart!
I started with one coat of a dark blue nailpolish and then I put a sparkling top coat on it.
When I saw this nailpolish I immediately thought it would have been perfect for this night and I was right! I love how it completely changed my mani with a sophisticated, pearly brilliant touch! It is “Pure Pearlfection” from Essie and I’m sure it would be perfect also on light shades or even on its own (for example to enlight a plain french).
For now I’m really satisfied about how it looks on my nails: like tiny snowflakes in a dark blue sky.

We, I mean my nailart and I, wish you all a sparkling beautiful night and a wonderful new year!

Adoro la neve, ma purtroppo non la vedo da un po’, così ho deciso di far nevicare sulle mie unghie per questa nailart da ultimo dell’anno.
Ho iniziato con una passata di blu scuro su cui ho poi messo un top coat trasparente pieno di microbrillantini perlati.
Quando ho visto questo smalto ho capito immediatamente che sarebbe stato perfetto per questa notte… Ed avevo ragione! Ha completamente trasformato la mia manicure, con un tocco sofisticato e brillante. É “Pure Pearlfection”, di Essie, e sono sicura sia perfetto anche abbinato a tonalità più chiare o, addirittura, da solo (magari per illuminare una classica french).
Per ora io sono molto soddisfatta del risultato che ho ottenuto sulle mie unghie: tanti piccoli, scintillanti fiocchi di neve in un invernale cielo scuro.

La mia nailart ed io vi auguriamo una scintillante bellissima serata ed un meraviglioso anno nuovo!