Spring, I’m gettin’ ready for ya.

Underwear by Intimissimi and H&M.

Primavera, sono quasi pronta per rivederti.

Lingerie: Intimissimi e H&M.


When it comes to fashion I like to play with my style, to mix and match and to try new things. I also love to pick my daily outfits according to the mood and since it varies a lot so does my style! For all these reasons I can go from the most comfortable, casual outfits to the classiest ones but there’s one thing that never change and has stayed exactly the same for years now: my love for lace tights. No matter how many of them I already own, there will always be space for another pair! 

Tights: Calzedonia 
Nella moda, come nella vita, sono molte le cose che mi incuriosiscono ed appassionano e quando si tratta di vestiti ed accessori non mi tiro mai indietro se si tratta di sperimentare e mischiare le carte in tavola. Spesso scelgo i miei outfit in base all’umore del giorno e siccome questo varia molto, e velocemente, lo stesso fanno i miei look. Per tutte queste ragioni mi piace passare dagli outfit più sportivi e comodi a quelli più sofisticati, a volte nel giro di poche ore. La moda é in divenire ed insieme ad essa il mio stile, ma in mezzo a tanta trasformazione c’è comunque spazio per alcuni punti fermi. Tra questi, le calze ricamate. Non importa che nel mio cassetto delle calze non ci sia più posto, ci sarà sempre spazio per un nuovo paio di calze!

Calze: Calzedonia


In these boots! 

I’ve walked over some important things lately and now I’ve got a new pair of boots to keep going… Always in style! 

Boots: Zara 

Tights: Calzedonia 

Ho fatto passi importanti, in diverse direzioni, nell’ultimo periodo ed ora ho un nuovo paio di stivali, per continuare a camminare verso altre mete… Sempre con un certo stile! 

Stivali: Zara 

Calze: Calzedonia 

Nomen Omen 

Some days ago I finally bought my first Mac lipstick. Before this purchase I was already sure that after trying one of those legendary lipsticks on my lips I would have never been able to wear something else. And I was right. 
To start this love story I wanted a shade I could wear every day, something that would emphasize the natural colour of my lips without being too plain (I heard they call them MLBB lipsticks: My Lips But Better). I do love the colour of my lips, a cherry red with a hint of purple, but sometimes it’s hard to find a natural, almost naked, shade that’s not too pale on them and that’s why I picked my first Mac lipstick very carefully. 

After trying on some different, and beautiful, shades I went for “Amorous”, a mauve with a satin finish (I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks on my dry lips). The colour is a bit more intense than I expected but it’s still really wearable and versatile. On my lips it looks like a trendy purple, not too far from the shade I was looking for in the beginning and, more important, it feels like you’re wearing no lipstick at all. Seriously, I’ve never tried something so comfortable on my lips. The smooth texture and intense, glamorous shade are to die for, or to fall in love with! I mean, love it’s even in the name of this gorgeous lipstick! 

P.S. I knew it would have been the beginning of a new era. And that’s why the day after my first purchase I bought another lipstick, “Spirit” and I’m already thinking of the next one. Oh, love! It can be so overwhelming!

Alcuni giorni fa ho finalmente comprato il mio primo rossetto Mac. Rimandavo da un po’ perché sapevo che dal momento in cui fossi entrata nel fantastico mondo Mac non sarei più riuscita ad indossare altri rossetti. E adesso posso dire che avevo ragione. 

Per iniziare volevo un colore per tutti i giorni, e per diversi makeup, una tonalità che enfatizzasse le mie labbra senza discostarsi troppo dal loro colore naturale. Ho le labbra di un ciliegia freddo, e non me ne lamento, ma a volte trovare un rossetto nude che non sembri troppo chiaro può essere difficile. Per questo ho scelto con molta attenzione. 

Dopo aver provato varie tonalità, tutte stupende, ho infine optato per “Amorous”, un malva dal finish brillante (le mie labbra si seccano facilmente quindi non compro quasi mai rossetti matte). Il colore é leggermente più intenso di quanto mi aspettassi, ma resta comunque elegante, portabile e versatile. Su di me assume dei riflessi freddi, sul viola, che adoro e che comunque non si allontanano troppo da quello che considero un nude. Inoltre é come non indossare assolutamente nulla sulle labbra. Davvero, non ho mai provato un rossetto che fosse così confortevole e leggero! La consistenza morbidissima ed il colore pieno, intenso, mi hanno definitivamente conquistato, facendomene innamorare come previsto. Non vedo come avrebbe potuto essere altrimenti, visto che l’amore é perfino nel nome! 

P.S. Sapevo che sarebbe stato l’inizio di una nuova era. A dimostrazione di quanto avessi ragione il giorno dopo ne avevo già comprato un altro, “Spirit”, e sto già pensando al prossimo. Ah, l’amore! 


Every outfit is made by many different elements: starting with the clothes and ending with the accessories and the details, without forgetting the fabrics, the prints and the styles, everything matters. To me an outfit is a way to express not only my style but also my mood and for this reason I like to vary a lot, from the fanciest to the edgiest looks. I consider clothes not only something to wear on but a powerful way to express my personality, every aspect of it! That’s why I carefully pick what I wear every day but I’m even more attentive when it comes to underwear. I’m really demanding about it because if the outfit matters, telling something about you, what you wear underneath is even more important to make you feel confident and at ease.

I like my underwear to be really comfortable and stylish at the same time and it took me a very long time to find the perfect combo between these two essential aspects, especially when talking of bras. Accroding to my experience the first step is finding the right style for your body features: this solution alone could solve all your bra-blems in one second but if it’s not enough you can find some useful tips in the following chart. I thins it’s pretty helpful since it sums up the most common problems with bras like loose or tight straps and bands. After reading it now I tighten my straps at least once a month and when I buy a new bra I start wearing the band a bit looser.


Because of the many bra-blems one could have it’s really important to find a brand that offers an easy solution to them all, just like Third Love does! Starting with a guide (and even an app!) that analizes the body features and finds the perfect fit for every breast and going on with beautiful option in styles, fabrics and sizes on their website you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for while also having a relaxing and satisfying shopping experience. If you prefer a bra that disappears under your clothes you can go for a smooth fabric while if you’re a lace lover you can choose between lacy details or the feminine beauty of an all lace style but if you’re looking for some extravagance you will also find modern elements like fancy straps. This great offer will allow you not only to find what best represents your style but also what fits you the best, in a perfect mix of comfort and glamour. Different cups for different shapes, half cup sizing to satisfy every need, memory foam cups for a dreamy comfort: Third Love has a stylish solution for every bra-blem and if you’re reading this you can also have a 15% off your entire order, using the promo code BRABLEMS (expiring the end of 2016).

No more bra-blems, women. No more!

Pretty Little Things.. this mini bag with a wild hint! 

Bag: Penelope and Monica Cruz for Carpisa.

Una piccola borsa molto carina, ma al tempo stesso audace.. Come la stampa animalier! 

Borsa: Penelope e Monica Cruz per Carpisa.

Bomber Lover! 


Casual and girly: it’s my new bomber by Piazza Italia! 

Comodo, ma femminile: è il mio nuovo bomber di Piazza Italia (pagato la metà)! 



Say “Hi” to the latest addition in my already big sneakers collection: these gorgeous Nike Air Max Command in grey. They’re comfy, stylish and on sale (here)! I just couldn’t resist!  

Vi presento l’ultima aggiunta alla mia, già vasta, collezione di sneakers: sto parlando di queste splendide Nike Air Max Command, in grigio chiaro scamosciato. Sono comodissime, stupende e scontate (qui)! Non sono riuscita a resistere!  


Halloween has come and gone with all its (not so) scary costumes and bold makeup/hairstyles/nailarts and even if I really enjoy it now I’m definitely looking forward to my favourite time of the year: Christmas! The festive season is coming … Continua a leggere