Swooshing like a pro on a warm, sunny day in my new socks by Calzedonia (thanks Santa!).  Boots: Zara Capelli al vento e calze, nuove, di Calzedonia (grazie, Babbo Natale!).  Stivaletti: Zara

But first…


 The weekend is just around the corner but before wishing you all to spend it just the way you want I’d like to share my latest look: an edgy one, once again! 
I wore my new skirt, black and stretchy, with a short top and a lace jacket. I completed the look with a (double) cross necklace, fire red hair and smokey eyes.  

Have a nice weekend everybody! 

Skirt: Tally Weijl

Il weekend sta per iniziare, ma prima di augurarvi di trascorrerlo come preferite vorrei condividere con voi il mio ultimo look: rock e strong, come piace a me! 

Ho indossato una gonna nuova, nera ed aderente, con un top di cotone corto ed un giubbino di pizzo. Completano il look una collana con (doppia) croce, capelli rosso fuoco e occhi smokey. 

E adesso… Buon fine settimana a tutti! 

Gonna: Tally Weijl 

Feelin’ it


I’m slowly start to feel the new season and the outfit I wore today shows it…  At least my new Calzedonia tights do! 

Sto lentamente iniziando a sentire la nuova stagione ed i miei vestiti lo dimostrano, di sicuro lo fanno le mie nuove calze di Calzedonia! 

Skulls and Socks 


 On the last couple of days I’ve taken advantage of the warm weather to show my latest obsession: the “socks over sheer tights” style! Today I paired it with a skull/dots combo in one of my favorite outfits ever! 

Negli ultimi giorni ho approfittato dell’anticipo di primavera per indossare quella che è ormai diventata un’ossessione: la combinazione calzini lunghi e calze (nere) velate. Oggi ho completato il look con un top con teschio e pois sui calzini, in uno dei miei outfit preferiti di sempre!  


Dresses Wonderland!

Lately I’ve been searching a lot for some elegant dresses. It’s that time of the year full of festive parties with co-workers, friends and relatives and I’m more than glad to take the chance to wear fancy, sparkling outfits. 

Just like every month and season lace is still my favourite both for sophisticated and relaxed occasions. I love keeping it classy and classic with black lace but on these days I also like daring with colours and wearing it in other shades, especially red and green of course! Chiffon is also a good choice for me especially in puffy, short skirts and fancy dresses. 

I did many researches in stores, obviously, and even more on the internet and that’s where I found an interesting, useful, pretty site: http://www.promtimes.co.uk.There are so many options, styles, colours and fabrics that you just can’t leave it without finding exactly what you were looking for. And even more. There are so many choices for different occasions and body shapes and the most of the items are highly discounted.

In this huge offer I did a little selection and I’d like to share it with you all.

Let’s start with something classic on this time of the year: red dresses! (here)

Talking of lace...

Talking of lace…


…and of chiffon skirts!

Diamonds are a girl's best friends!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends!

Sexy and festive in a stretch dress

Sexy and festive in a stretch dress

Another favourite: blue! (here)

Embellished top and chiffon skirt

Embellished top and chiffon skirt

A delicate see-through

A delicate see-through

Classic on the front, sexy on the back!

Classic on the front, sexy on the back!

Baby blue, tutu skirt and lace for a modern ballet dancer

Baby blue, tutu skirt and lace for a modern ballet dancer

A classic and, once again, one of my favourites: black! (here)

Let's start with something classy

Let’s start with something classy…

...and continue with something modern!

…and continue with something modern!

Lace top and puffy skirt is always a good idea!

Lace top and puffy skirt is always a good idea!

Keeping it sexy...

Keeping it sexy…

Pink lace inserts and see-through chiffon on the back

Pink lace inserts and see-through chiffon on the back

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to go to the prom… (here)

Short dresses (here):

Bustier top and black/white combo

Bustier top and black/white combo

A romantic look for a modern pricess

A romantic look for a modern pricess

Pink lace and a cute bow

Pink lace and a cute bow

Girly in black lace, sexy in a see-through back


Long dresses (here):

Stunning like a bride

Stunning like a bride

Embroidered flowers and emerald green

Embroidered flowers and emerald green

And now what I would wear on prom

Rock and elegant in black lace and see-through chiffon

Rock and elegant in black lace and see-through chiffon

Romantic and elegant in  pastel lace and a long chiffon skirt

Romantic and elegant in pastel lace and a long chiffon skirt

It was pretty hard to pick just some dresses but I tried to make a choice according to my personal taste and trying to show you different styles. I highly recommed to you all to visit the website for your personal selection.

Every single piece is available in more than 20 colours and they ship worldwide. 


Pin Up Feeling



Here’s what I wore to go to the beach today.
I’ve bought many skirts like these in the last months and even if I usually don’t like high waists I had to make an exception for them.
The one I wore today is probably my favourite with its tiny, pink flowers. I paired it with a plain cotton tank in green (my favourite shade on this summer).

When my mom saw me she said I looked like I pin up and even if I hadn’t thought about it I like the idea so much that I used it in the title.

I’m still getting into the real summer mood but girly, colorful outfits like these are really helping through these cloudy days!

Tank: Calliope
Skirt: Tally Weijl

Oggi finalmente le nuvole ci hanno dato una tregua (illusoria, ma meglio di niente!) ed io ne ho approfittato per godermi la spiaggia poco affollata.
La gonna che ho indossato é una di molte simili che ho comprato egli ultimi mesi. Normalmente non amo i capi a vita bassa, ma per queste gonne ho scelto di fare un’eccezione perché mi piacciono molto.
Quella che ho indossato oggi é probabilmente la mia preferita, con i suoi piccoli fiori rosa. L’ho abbinata ad una canottiera semplice di cotone nel mio verde preferito per questa stagione.

Mia mamma quando mi ha visto ha detto che sembravo una pin up ed anche se non ci avevo pensato affatto l’idea mi é piaciuta talmente tanto che l’ho usata per il titolo del post.

Non sono ancora entrata del tutto nel clima estivo, per qualche strano motivo, ma questi outfit pieni di colori e femminili mi stanno decisamente portando nella giusta direzione.

Canotta: Calliope
Gonna: Tally Weijl

Pink Pop!


This summer has started pretty weirdly with many clouds and so much rain. Today was exactly one of those unexpectedly grey days and I decided to enlighten it a bit with a neon skirt.
I paired it with a floral tank in white and black and I completed the look with a white bracelet.
A fancy outfit to pop through some dark clouds and to finally show off some legs!

Tank: H&M
Skirt: Terranova

L’estate quest’anno é iniziata in modo piuttosto strano, con tantissime nuvole e piogge violente. Oggi é stata proprio una di quelle giornate inaspettatamente grigie e cosí ho deciso di colorarla un po’ con una gonna fluo rosa.
L’ho abbinata ad un top a stampa floreale, bianco e nero, e ad un bracciale molto estivo di pietre bianche.
Un outfit divertente e colorato che spiccasse tra i nuvoloni scuri e che, finalmente, mostrasse un po’ di gambe!

Top: H&M
Gonna: Terranova

Prom Season!

Since the first time I saw one on some tv show I’ve loved proms so much. I feel like there’s something magical in the whole process of searching for the perfect dress, buying a new pair of fabulous shoes, choosing the right jewels and finding the best hairdo, makeup and nailpolish to complete the look. Everything about this event looks so exciting to me and I’m pretty envy about all those girls that right now are planning their own proms.

Sadly in Italy we don’t have such a beautiful tradition but this has never stopped me by dreaming of ball gowns, scented flowers and unforgettable nights. The more prom season gets closer the more I linger on sites who sell dreamy dresses. I spent hours on http://www.victoriasdress.co.uk/ between shiny beads, embroidered flowers, fluffy chiffon and sophisticated lace. If you’re lucky enough to be searching for your prom dress you should check it out: you can find short or long dresses, different silhouettes for different body shapes, various necklines, many colours and styles. Plus on these days they’re doing a special offer and most dresses are highly discounted.

I think that every prom plan should start with the search for the right dress and I’m sure this site will help you with its many different beautiful choices!

A girl should choose her own dress according to her personal style and her body shape. Every girl knows her body features and qualities and should emphasize what she likes the most about herself. Dresses can hide imperfections pretty good just focusing the attention on somewhere else. So if you prefer your top half instead of your bottom half you should choose a dress with a richly detailed top and a long soft skirt. If  you want a more feminine look and you have an athletic, toned body you should wear a dress that emphasizes curves and defines the waist. Even if I prefer long dresses I suggest you short ones if you have long, beautiful legs. At the same time if you don’t like to show your arms you can find long sleeve dresses. Necklines are very important too: they can frame greatly your decollete, emphasizing it and even making it looks more generous (sweetheart neckline) or just wrapping it softly. In matter of style you can really find everything you need: you can look like a real princess in a huge gown or stick to your rock soul in a black lace dress with a studded belt.

Finding something you like and that fits you is very important to enjoy this experience and feel comfortable and stunning at the same time. There aren’t written rules: you can wear every color, even the boldest one, every lenght and style. What really matters is how you feel and what makes you feel better.

I picked my favourite prom dresses just to dream a little more and to share them with you all. It was really hard to choose only one out of each category because there’s plenty I’d love to wear.

Short Prom Dresses category:

I’m a huge fan of chiffon but what I love the most about this dress is the embroidered top. The see-through effect and the flowers embroidered on it make this top, and the whole dress, girly and fancy at the same time. I also like the beaded belt on it.

Long Prom Dresses:

I know it looks like a wedding dress in this color but I like it so much that I had to show it to you all. I like everything about this dress: the beaded sleeves, the waist, the neckline and the fabric. It looks so light and comfortable but at the same time really elegant.

Cheap Prom Dresses:

Like I said before  I prefer long dresses on occasions like these so here’s another one. I picked it because I love the way it emphasizes the waist. I also like the neckline and the super light fabric. Finally the shape of the skirt is one of my favourite and the pink shade is just gorgeous.

I wish you all to find the perfect dress and to enjoy the search as much as the prom itself!

Spring is coming…


Can you see it??